is five started in the 1970s as a non-profit environmental organization, founded by the same imaginative folks who introduced the first curbside Blue Box recycling program.. Recognizing that environmental awareness was mainly a matter of understanding the implications, we produced educational material to spread the word on recycling and other environmental issues. Because we had our own printing press, other non-profit organizations soon came knocking on our door asking us to design and print their materials. That was the birth of is five Communications.


Since then, is five has produced a wide variety of education materials and developed hundreds of communication pieces that have helped raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations in every sector, including health, social justice, the environment, international development and human rights.


We are proud of our small, community-based origins and of our decades of collaboration with non-profit organizations. We are equally passionate about continuing to contribute today and tomorrow to the success of so many valued charities, both small and large, in Canada.

Our roots…

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